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Welcome to AJ's Copper Garden!

Hello, my name is Anthony Patti. In 1999 I got interested in trying to make some copper bugs for the garden, I played around with it for about 6 months in a garage.  Really excited by my new work, I decided to use the turn-of-the-century to be a milestone mark in my life.  So as of 1/1/2000 I decided to dedicate all of my time to this new sculpture work, so I eventually moved back to Iowa and rented a small shop at the end of a gravel road to do my work.  It was a great place to hide away and be creative.  In 2002 I changed the name from Garden Critters to AJ’s Copper Garden and moved into the historic Iowa community of The Amana Colonies.

My goal has always been to create uniquely different sculptures, each piece to be a surprise from the last one.

Beauty and durability are the cornerstones on which my business is built. Each piece is constructed using only the finest materials (copper, brass, & stainless steel). Every sculpture is then cut, shaped and finished by hand.

In 2007 I purchased and renovated the historic Homestead Cafe and gas station, which now house my Studio and metal art gallery. This wonderful building was built with bricks recycled from the original smokestack of the Calico plant, and the huge old Oak beams first used in the 1850's in Main Amana.  This building has been in almost continuous use since first constructed in 1932.

Come and visit the Gallery & Studio location

3146 Hwy 6 Trail, Homestead IA 52236 





While you’re here take a little time and enjoy all that the Amana villages have to offer. 



Click the picture above to connect to the Amana Colonies web site! The Amana Colonies are a national historic landmark originally founded in 1855 as a German communal settlement. Come experience the beauty and charm of our old world villages: historic architecture, working farms, traditional arts & crafts, great food, great atmosphere and best of all… great people!