Morning Glory & Gecko Door/Window Accent - Custom Order - Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for creation and delivery

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Welcome to the jungle! This piece is fantastic because you and your guests will see it every time you enter or leave the room. Featuring five purple Morning Glory flowers, vine & leaf work, and a whimsical smiling gecko lizard for a touch of spontaneity. Good for a smile every time! The piece measures approximately 27" tall by 21" wide. It is designed to be mounted around the top and one side of the door frame. Perfect for indoor or outdoor display..

My sculptures are all made of copper, brass, and stainless steel...colored with a combination of heat, acid patinas, and automotive laquers. Each piece is sealed with a double coat urethane, then baked to strengthen the finish, resulting in a beauty and durability rarely seen in sculpted metal. Ideal for indoor or outdoor display, these products will last a lifetime.
Includes mounting rod for outdoor garden or indoor flower pot.